Mechelle Brehaut


Born in California, 1974

2009-2012 Graduated from University of Phoenix​

Novice Photographer, still learning the art of capturing natures beauty through the eye of my lens.  As a child, I grew up with  a love of all things photographic.Taiking shots of everything that would catch my eye.Still today as an adult, I find this wonderous world a great picture waiting for the right photographer to enhance and develop the beauty inside or unseen. Always improving and learning, bringing new skills an artistry to my photos. For those adventurous enough, to join in this photographic journey of life through my lense I hope you enjoy all that I have displayed here.  I hope to never stop creating keepsakes for all who wish to take that leap, with Leap Media Photography. Where life's adventures comes together for photographic wondrous moments creating lasting momentos..


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